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We offer Ontario Fresh Garlic, small and large orders. We have various produce available at your stand daily. 

raw garlic
We grow the hardneck variety garlic called Music. Music tastes medium hot, with true garlic taste. It has great shelf life (if stored properly). With this garlic you'll find 6-8 good sized cloves with bold flavour
For consumption
Seed garlic for planting
black garlic

Black garlic is all the rage and has become one of our most sought after products.

It's not just about taste; black garlic has numerous health benefits, some of which are:

  • higher content of allicin

  • rich in amino acids

  • aids digestion

  • boosts circulation

garlic products

We offer a number of value-added garlic products. This provide customers with the option to enjoy Ontario grown garlic year-round.


Among our products are:


  • Garlic spread

  • Dehydrated garlic chips

  • Garlic scape powder

  • Salsa verde

  • Hot sauces

  • Finishing sea salts

  • Gourmet seasonings


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